LEORF Helps LEOs and their Families

Law enforcement officers face disasters every day and are the first responders, in most cases, to the scene of an incident to protect and save lives while risking their own. The Law Enforcement Officers Relief Fund, commonly known as LEORF, is a 501(c)3 charity that was established to provide support and resources to officers.

Donations made to LEORF go towards assisting the officer’s immediate family with funeral costs or medical expenses, household finances, future education savings, and more. The funds are to provide some assistance in transition of long-term recovery not to make them whole.

Your donation is tax deductible but more importantly, it makes a difference in the lives of law enforcement officers and their families when in need. When an officer goes to work and says goodbye to their loved ones, they may not be coming home. So, please find it in your heart to support those who take risks every day in order to save lives while they protect and serve in our communities. Donate today and know your donation is providing some comfort to the mourning family of a Hero in Blue.