Presentation by Edward M. Fishman
PORAC Legal Defense Fund Administrator

Nationwide trends and current issues in both civil and criminal cases concerning use of force

PORAC Legal Defense Fund Administrator, Mr. Edward Fishman will explore recent trends concerning the Legal Defense Fund’s coverage of Law Enforcement Officers. The presentation will focus on recent, specific cases involving Law Enforcement Officers’ use of force and the respective outcomes of those cases. This will provide practical information for both Law Enforcement Officers and attorneys regarding the types of cases and relevant facts that are being pursued by government entities, criminally, and by individuals, civilly, against Law Enforcement Officers.




Edward Marc Fishman is the current PORAC Legal Defense Fund Administrator. Before attaining his position as the Legal Administrator in July 2007, he had a solo practice in Petaluma, California known as click over hereaktiviteterclick this link nowbest replica watchmeilleure coque telephonepelican phone caseclick here to read the “Law Offices of Edward Marc Fishman” which he opened in March of 1993. There his practice focused on litigation and administrative/labor law. Mr. Fishman has had the joy of building his business from the ground up and he has obtained much success.

Early in his years of practice, he represented a variety of peace officers in matters relating to their employment. With this type of experience and affiliation, he became a panel attorney for the PORAC Legal Defense Fund.

As such, he has acquired an even larger array of experience and knowledge in representing officers and their associations in matters related to administrative discipline, civil proceedings, criminal prosecutions, labor negotiations, and a variety of other related matters. His personal insight into the laws and policies of peace officers and their associations has and will continue to assist him as the Legal Administrator.


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