WACOPS Unwavering Support for Behind the Badge

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Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS), a valued local of the I.U.P.A., showed their support for Behind the Badge Foundation’s annual Ball and Auction recently, which many members attended. On the relationship between WACOPS and Behind the Badge (BtB), WACOPS President Christopher Tracy stated, “It is an incredibly important partnership between WACOPS and Behind the Badge. Not only does BtB support our departments after a line of duty death, and help in planning the memorial services, but also they continue to take care of the surviving family long after those services are over. They also provide important training for critical incident stress management and support honor guard units (like the one I serve on in my department).”

In addition to WACOPS’ enduring support of Behind the Badge Foundation’s annual Ball and Auction, they also proudly support the organization’s annual Washington Peace Officers Memorial – Medal of Honor Ceremony by providing a hearty lunch to the honor guard.  That important event is coming up on May 5, in Olympia.  Details can be found at https://behindthebadgefoundation.org/event/pom-ceremony-23/. Behind the Badge is a constant presence for all of Washington’s brave men and women no matter which uniform they wear.  The Foundation is a unifier in a profession of great diversity, traversing the significant geography of the state.  WACOPS is proud of them and proud to support their work.


For more information about Behind the Badge visit https://behindthebadgefoundation.org/