Lawton, Oklahoma Citizens Police Academy

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Lawton Police Department, including I.U.P.A. Local Lawton Police Officers Assn., #24 Members, hosted a Citizens Police Academy where they taught kids about safety, police work, and about their local law enforcement professionals.

Lawton Police Department posted about the first day of the academy, “Thank you to Chief of Police James Smith, Sgt. Dimmitt, and Pastor Ray Garcia for kicking off the 2023 Junior Citizens Police Academy! The Junior Citizens Police Academy offers our youth insight into how police officers perform their duties and how the Lawton Police Department serves this community. The students heard from our Community Oriented Policing Division, Emergency Communications Division, and our Bicycle Team. Thank you to everyone that attended yesterday, we are excited for what’s in store the next four days!”

They posted again about the second day, “On day two of the Junior Citizens Police Academy, Lt. Bray spoke about the Lake Division, and how the police department protects our lakes. Lt. Smith demonstrated some of the tools our officers are equipped with. Lt. Spencer and Sgt. Underwood with the Gang Intelligence Division spoke about national and local gangs, and Sgt. Calfee gave a presentation over our Dive Team. Thank you to everyone that attended and participated in class!”

They posted about the third day, “On day three of the Junior Citizens Police Academy, Lt. Smith and Ofc. Crowe displayed everything the SWAT Team may utilize on duty. Sgt. Calfee and Sgt. Ulrich did a mock traffic stop and let the students use their RADAR and LIDAR to see how fast vehicles were driving. Last, but not least, K9 Juliet was more than happy to show how powerful her nose is in the detection of illegal narcotics. Thank you to everyone that attended yesterday’s class!”

They posted about day four, “On day four of the Junior Citizens Police Academy, Det. Molloy and Det. Grubbs spoke about being a Crime Scene Investigator. As a Crime Scene Investigators, their responsibilities are to thoroughly and accurately identify and preserve evidence from a crime scene. Captain Winham discussed the importance of situational awareness and what a police officer might see on a daily basis. Thank you to everyone that attended and participated in yesterday’s class!”

They concluded the academy with this post, “As this year’s Junior Citizens Police Academy comes to an end, the Lawton Police Department would like to thank everyone for investing your time to learn about our police department. We would also like to thank all of our officers and instructors for taking the time to educate all of our students. One last thank you to Sgt. Dimmitt for planning and coordinating this year’s Junior Citizens Police Academy.”