LEO Initiatives to Keep the Roadways Safe

By June 17, 2024 No Comments

I.U.P.A. Local Coalition of Police, #911 Members have been working hard on initiatives to keep the roadways safe!

Harris County Constable Precinct 4 shared on social media in several posts about their efforts, “MOVE OVER, IT’S THE LAW. Constable Mark Herman’s office would like to remind motorists to move over and help us keep everyone safe as many travelers are returning home. Your Constable’s office urges drivers to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles. Help protect those who protect you! The law applies to police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks and Texas department of transportation vehicles. Thank you in advance.”

To encourage citizens to check their back seats, they shared, “LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK! After a long drive home after the holiday weekend, take a moment and check the back seat before locking the vehicle. You may save a life! #CheckForBaby.”

To share bike safety tips for Bike Safety Month, they shared, “MAY IS BICYCLE SAFETY MONTH. This initiative aims to promote bicycle safety awareness and encourage responsible cycling practices for everyone in Precinct 4.”

To deter speeding, the department posted about their Traffic Initiative, “CONSTABLES CONDUCT A TRAFFIC INITIATIVE IN ATASCOCITA FOREST. Earlier this week, deputies with Constable Mark Herman’s Office conducted a traffic initiative in the Atascocita Forest Area due to complainants of speeding vehicles.   The deputies initiated 35 traffic stops, issued 36 citations, 19 warnings, towed 1 vehicle and cleared 2 warrants as a result of the initiative.”

To promote safe roadways, they shared, “CONSTABLES PARTICIPATE IN THE ENHANCED SAFE ROADWAYS INITIATIVE. Deputies with Constable Mark Herman’s Special Operations Unit participated in the Enhanced Safe Roadways Initiative. This is a multi-agency initiative aimed at combating violent crime on the roadways all over Harris County.”

In advance of Memorial Day weekend, the department also shared, “CELEBRATE RESPONSIBLY! Something to remember as you celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, we will have extra patrol units on the roadways to ensure everyone makes it home safely. ‘These increased law enforcement patrols have incorporated a pro-active police approach during this busy weekend to keep our citizens and their families safe. If you choose to drink and drive, you choose to go to jail.’ – Constable Mark Herman. Memorial Day weekend is a prime time for drunk driving, and we will be on high alert. Stay smart and avoid a DWI!”

In another post promoting safe driving, they stated, “LET’S ALL BUCKLE UP! Heading into the Memorial Day weekend, there will be more people on the road ready to kick off their summer vacation. Your best defense against other reckless drivers is a buckled seatbelt. #ClickItOrTicket”

In another post, they shared, “OUR IMPAIRED DRIVER INITIATIVE IS WORKING TONIGHT TO KEEP YOU SAFE! Constable Deputies have been briefed and are hitting the streets to protect and serve our citizens. Constable Deputies will be out in full force to locate and arrest motorists who have made the choice to get behind the wheel while intoxicated or under any illegal substance this Memorial Day Weekend.”