Light Ohio Blue

By May 24, 2021 No Comments

Across Central Ohio, officers who have died in the line of duty are being honored during Light Ohio Blue from Friday, May 9 to Sunday, May 16.

A ceremony was held in Madison County on Monday night, May 11, at the Ohio Peace Officers Memorial at the state’s training academy. Part of the ceremony was dedicated to honoring the fallen officers who sacrificed all. Another part of the ceremony was to show solidarity among departments, for which they wrapped a line of police vehicles around downtown Columbus with red and blue lights flashing.

Light Ohio Blue’s website expresses the intent behind their efforts to recognize and support LEOs.

“Light Ohio Blue is a statewide campaign to show support to the law enforcement personnel who protect our communities throughout our great state. We work to honor and pay respects to the law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty as well as those currently serving sworn and civilian staff.

Each year in May our staff works with several Ohio businesses to light the city skylines blue. We also encourage every citizen to change their home exterior lights to blue to show their support for Law Enforcement personnel.”