I.U.P.A. Local Virginia Beach PBA 34 Remembering Fallen Officers

By June 29, 2021 No Comments

I.U.P.A. Local Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association 34 posted on their Facebook page recently about how they remember and honor fallen Virginia Beach police officers as they passed the anniversaries of two fallen heroes.

Their post read, “In the month of June we remember two of our fallen, Officer Charles Porteus EOW 16 June 1952 and Officer Rodney Pocceschi EOW 23 June 2003. Today, with them in mind, we dedicated an addition to our wall of honor at the PBA office. Each of our fallen will be honored and remembered with their names on beautiful crystals. PBA 34 will never forget.”

Virginia Beach PBA 34 gives out awards every year to honor officers who do extraordinary things for their community as well as members of the community who do extraordinary things for their officers.

  • “Mike Phillips Detective of the Year Award”, which is given to Detectives, in honor of Mike Phillips who was killed in 2008.
  • “Rodney Pocceschi Patrol Officer of the Year Award”, which is given to Patrol Officers, in honor of Rodney Pocceschi who was killed in 2003.
  • “Mike Imprevento Exemplary Service Award”, which is given to community members who do extraordinary things for officers, in honor of Mike Imprevento who was a dedicated attorney to the officers of the Virginia Beach PBA 34 and who is still often quite supportive and involved.