Hero Spotlight: Lakewood Detective Monique Gilstrap

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Lakewood Police Department Detective Monique Gilstrap retired this month after a thirty-year career in the law enforcement profession. Lakewood Police Department shared on social media about many aspects of her impressive career, including her service on the Honor Guard, Theft Team, Internal Affairs, as the founding Detective on Lakewood’s Family Crimes Team, a Crime Scene Investigator, and an Arrest Control Instructor. She has been awarded the Medal of Valor after a dangerous and violent altercation as well as many Commendations, including one she was given for calming a suicidal suspect and talking them into surrendering. Her extensive resume, heroic actions, and strong commitment to the Lakewood, Colorado community have placed her on the LEORF News Heroes Spotlight list.

Lakewood Police Department posted on January 5, “Today we wanted to salute the 30-year career of Detective Monique Gilstrap, who just completed her last day of service here at the Lakewood Police Department.  Det. Gilstrap started her law enforcement career at the Metropolitan State University of Denver working where she graduated, as a sworn officer for the Auraria Police department before joining L.P.D. soon after.  After completing our police academy, then-Agent Gilstrap worked in the Patrol Division, where she established herself as a team player who was proficient at many different parts of her job.  She then moved into Professional Standards in Internal Affairs, before gaining experience as an investigator on the Theft Team.  As time went on, though, she decided to return home again (to Patrol) where she contributed as a Crime Scene Investigator, an Arrest Control Instructor and was an integral part (including being a key designer and outfitter) of our Honor Guard.  In 2018, she was a founding Detective on our Family Crimes Team, which is where she retired from today.”

The post continued, “During her career, Detective Gilstrap received many awards and was recognized for her work that went above and beyond the call of duty.  She was awarded the Medal of Valor after a dangerous and violent altercation with a suspect, along with many other Chief Commendations, including for her role in bringing a safe resolution to a suicidal armed suspect, whom she talked into surrendering. Det. Gilstrap represents the pride and professionalism of the Lakewood Police Department in the best possible way and is very passionate about the role of policing in the community. Detective Gilstrap, thank you for your commitment and exceptional service to the Lakewood Police Department and the citizens of Lakewood that you have served so well.  It has been an honor for all of us to serve with you.”



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