Hero Spotlight: School Resource Officer Roy

By February 28, 2023 No Comments

On SRO Appreciation Day, Officer Roy, along with Michelle Hughes and Claire Edwards from Lamarque Elementary School, were awarded certificates for Sarasota County Schools Cares of the Month for going above and beyond for a student. Officer Roy is a School Resource Officer and the Vice President of I.U.P.A. Local Sarasota County School Police Association, #6046.

Sarasota County Schools shared on social media, “CONGRATULATIONS to our January SCS Cares of the Month – Officer Roy, Michelle Hughes and Claire Edwards from Lamarque Elementary School!”

The post continued with the language from the submission from a parent, requesting that they receive this recognition, “I would like to nominate Officer Roy, Claire Edwards, and Michelle Hughes. My daughter’s bike was vandalized. Officer Roy went above and beyond to ensure that my daughter received her bike back, including calling a local bike shop for repairs and being willing to pay for it himself. The bike shop did the work for free, so Officer Roy did not have to pay. Michelle Hughes and Claire Edwards stayed with my daughter every step of the way. They ensured that Harper felt supported and loved throughout this entire event, which was an extreme help to her in dealing with this situation. We are forever grateful to these three individuals.”



The I.U.P.A. and LEORF Hero Spotlight shines a light on LEOs whose heroism, quick thinking, and dedication are examples to those in our profession and remind us all why we put on the uniform every day. Previous Hero Spotlights have included: