Hero Spotlight: WACOPS Officers Protecting and Serving on the Ground and In the Sky

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I.U.P.A. Local Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS) Members from all over the State of Washington have been busy protecting and serving their citizens on the ground and even in the sky!

Lake Stevens Police Department officers responded to a critical incident in Everett. Multiple agencies responded to the scene and in the midst of the activity, a small child was separated from their parent. A citizen took the below photo when they noticed one of the officers comforting the child and keeping them safe. On this, Lake Stevens Police Department posted, “At a scene like this, being able to switch from potential suspect apprehension to caring for a lost, scared child is an example of the complex skill set our officers possess. We are proud of our officers and their continual efforts to care for the community.”

Vancouver Police Department officers were on a flight home from Police Week in Washington, D.C. when another passenger had a medical emergency. They sprung into action to help. The department posted on this, “Police officers are always ready to help! On the flight home from Police Week, a passenger on the flight had a medical emergency. Cmdr. Foster, Ofc. Bauman, Ofc. Gelsinger and Cpl. Catton jumped into action to help. The passenger regained consciousness and was monitored for the remainder of the flight until he could receive additional medical evaluation after landing.”

A Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office K9 handler along with K9 Sully conducted a search warrant and K9 Sully was infected by some of the drugs at the scene. His handler revived him with Narcan and seized a large amount of drugs. On this, the department posted, “Earlier this morning, Drug Task Force K-9 Sully and his handler were assisting Skagit County with a search warrant service in Everett. Task Force detectives cleared the apartment and K-9 Sully and his handler entered to search inside.”

Their post continued, “K-9 Sully indicated several areas inside the apartment. Sully is trained in methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. The search took approximately 10 minutes. K-9 Sully was returned to his vehicle while his partner K-9 went inside to conduct a second search. About 15 minutes passed, and K-9 Sully’s handler noticed a normal very hyper Sully was unresponsive in his kennel. He immediately grabbed Sully and tapped his face several times in an effort to wake him up. Sully remained unresponsive. His handler quickly jumped into action and retrieved Narcan from inside the vehicle door. He gave Sully two doses and called for backup from other Task Force units on scene. Sully’s handler retrieved a third dose of Narcan, administered it to Sully, jumped in the driver seat with Sully and raced to the ER vet. Sully began waking up upon arrival at the vet. Medical staff checked his vitals and monitored him for some time. He has since been released and is very tired, but is doing well.”

The post continued, “A large amount of drugs were seized from the apartment, including cocaine, meth, heroin, and fentanyl. Additionally, during the search warrant service today, Task Force detectives discovered there was a toddler living inside the apartment. CPS was contacted and is responding.”

Shoreline Police Department detectives and K9 Quinn seized over $1.6 million in drugs, cars, money, and firearms. The department posted to recognize their tremendous work, “Thanks to Wednesday’s exceptional work by detectives with the Shoreline Police Department / King County Sheriff’s Office, over $1.6 million in narcotics, cash, firearms and cars were seized in multiple King County locations. Two suspects were booked for pending felony charges.”

They continued, “Fentanyl and other illicit drugs have touched too many Puget Sound communities. Over 226,000 pills, nearly ten (10) pounds of powdered fentanyl, along with meth, heroin and cocaine, are now in evidence room and off King County streets. These operations are the results of months of investigation. We congratulate the detectives, deputies, dispatch professionals and Quinn, our K9 partner whose work contributed to Wednesday’s safe and successful operation. These men and women deserve our thanks. Every pill and gun they seize makes Shoreline and neighboring communities that much safer.”

The I.U.P.A. and LEORF Hero Spotlight shines a light on LEOs whose heroism, quick thinking, and dedication are examples to those in our profession and remind us all why we put on the uniform every day. Previous Hero Spotlights have included: