Hero Spotlight: Police Officer Dylan Coffman

By October 2, 2023 No Comments

I.U.P.A. Local Flagler Beach Law Enforcement Assn., #6086 Member Police Officer Dylan Coffman got a call that two people were in distress in the riptides at Flagler Beach and he sprung into action. He raced to the location, ran to the water, ripped off his vest, and dove into the water to save them. A woman who was present took photos of him during the rescue and posted them on social media, after which the department proudly shared about his heroism and bravery.

On this, President Cabral stated, “I write to you today as President of the International Union of Police Associations to recognize your bravery and heroic efforts in responding to a call immediately and without hesitation, sprinting to the ocean, tearing off your vest, and diving into the water to save two swimmers in distress from dangerous rip currents. I applaud your dedication, your service, and your commitment to the safety and security of the community of Flagler Beach, Florida.”

The Flagler Beach Police Department shared the below photos on social media, “’Protecting and Serving’ comes in many different ways, and thanks to Brooke Qualls for capturing this photo of Officer Dylan Coffman from the Flagler Beach Police Department in action as he responded yesterday to two (2) swimmers caught in a dangerous riptide. Thanks to Officer Coffman’s efforts, the two (2) swimmers were successfully returned to shore uninjured! KUDOS Dylan on going above and beyond to make our City safe!”

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