Hero Spotlight: DEEP Conservation Enforcement Officer Jordan Jacquo

By November 27, 2023 No Comments

I.U.P.A. Local Connecticut Police and Fire Union, #74 Member DEEP Conservation Enforcement Officer Jordan Jacquo has been presented with a letter and certificate from the International Union of Police Associations for saving the life of a motorcyclist on June 3, 2023. Officer Jacquo was on patrol when there was a dispatch for a motorcycle accident on Route 691 in Meriden. He arrived first at the scene and stopped the bleeding with a tourniquet, saving the man’s life who was so grateful that he named his newborn son Jordan for his middle name, after Officer Jordan Jacquo.

On this, President Cabral stated, “You were the first to arrive on scene and applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, saving the victim’s life and allowing him to meet and raise his newborn son. Your quick thinking and skilled, swift response undoubtedly saved a life and changed the lives of the whole family for the better. You are a true hero.”

Officer Jacquo also received an Official Citation from the Connecticut General Assembly. He was nominated by Senator Catherina A. Osten of the 19th District. The citation stated, “Jacquo’s commitment to the safety of the citizens of Connecticut is a true inspiration.”

Connecticut Police and Fire Union have shared about Officer Jacquo’s bravery and commendations in their posts in their In the Spotlight publication.